Monday, October 16, 2017

丘の上のマルシェ2017の公式動画を制作しました! created a official video for a Marche event in Daigo, Ibaraki

丘の上のマルシェ2017の公式動画を作らせていただきました! 山の中の秘密の場所みたいなところに素敵な人々が集結していて、天気も最高の秋晴れでとっても楽しい雰囲気でした! 動画の曲はこの日ライブ出演していた高岩大輝さんのWANDERです!
I created the official video for the 「Oka no ue no Marche」an Event in Daigo , Ibaraki where all these creative people gather and have one day market! There was a total good vibe!!
video URL↓

Sunday, August 20, 2017

participating in an Art Exhibition 9/15~18 at an old Japanese house 古民家でのアート展に参加します!


I am participating in an art exhibition at a old japanese house that was built in mid-Edo period!

この機会に、地域の方はもちろん、歴史に興味のある方、アートに興味のある方、色々な方に島家にきていただけたら、昔から続いてきた生活やコミュニティーのあり方を再発見したり、これからの地域のあり方について考えるきっかけになるのではないかな?と思っています。(English follows after flyer images)

城里町地域おこし協力隊のホームページにも詳細が載っていますので、ぜひ見てみてください。Details on the following website :

I will be participating in the art exhibition held  from September 15th to 18th. The venue is  "Shima's house島家住宅", an old private house that is an nationally registered cultural heritage built in the Edo period,  in ShirosatoTown, Ibaraki Prefecture.

I will have photos and video installation displayed in a room that is still as it was as in the edo period.
In the room next to me, Miyuki Machida living in the town will display her ceramic works.
Also, in the evening, around the house will be lighted up fantastically with a candle light art by Yume Akari who is based in neighbor Naka city, along with  the umbrella silhouette art by Ms. Chinatsu Endo.

This residence stayed as it was since the last people living here, until lately  people of the town office started to clean and revitalize.

This time, the Art exhibition themed  "Memory" will be held as the first project to use the house as an exhibition place.

By exhibiting artworks in the building that watched the history of the town,
we are expecting people come visit  from inside and outside the region,
and communication and connection will be born, and the  creation of new regional culture would happen.

Currently, the house is not in the hands of rennovation, and it remains as it originally was , so I am honored to be able to exhibit while feeling the flow of time in the precious space !

Thursday, August 3, 2017

CARMIの新しい ZINE 制作中です! working on new ZINE as CARMI!

友人グラフィックデザイナーのCarlyとチームで作っているZINE (自主制作ミニアート本)のプロジェクト、第2弾制作中です。今回は撮影自体は、第1弾の"Postcard from somewhere"よりも前に撮影した、 私とカーリーの出会いのきっかけとなった撮影からの写真と、私が好きで続けている押し花や、コラージュなどで構成される予定です。
今回も、完成したZINEは、ZINEフェアやオンライン、作品展の会場などで出展予定です !
ZINEの内容は、Roses Where are you going? (バラさん何処へ行くの?)と、バラをあることの暗喩として、それを追いかける女の子(私の分身) を描いています。Carlyはモデルで参加しています。

ZINE project Carly and I are doing as team CARMI, the second ZINE (self-published mini artbook)will be coming soon!
it is called " Roses where are you going?" Actually the photos for this book were taken earlier than photos from our last ZINE " Post card from somewhere".
Carly and I met for the first time for this "Roses~" photoshooting , and since then we are having fun working together to do some creatice things!

the ZINE will be with photos, my Oshibanas(dried flowers), and some collages.
it will be at some ZINE fest, online and somewhere! The theme is , "Roses where are you going" ,the roses as a metaphor, and a girl who is running after it wanting to know what it is. Carly is participating as a model on this project.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

6/17〜26 写真展 5gallery's 終了しました。

6/17~26まで参加した写真展 5gallery's が無事終了しました! 



I was Participating in a group photo exhibition "5 gallery's" June 17~26. Many people came and I could hear directly what people thought or felt through my work.

Works of the other four people are wonderful and I am honored to have done exhibition together. The venue of this photo exhibition is an old hospital which is a registered cultural property, and I love the nostalgic atmosphere. The photos and a video I display are expressing my feelings over the past few years, ans I felt that the gallery space totally matched my theme. I am thankful to the people who gave me the opportunity.

Friday, June 16, 2017

明日から写真展 5gallerys' 始まります。 Exihibition "5gallerys'" eill start tomorrow.

 ついにあしたから私が参加する写真展 5gallerys' 始まります。

その後は大子町のシェアオフィスdaigo frontで、この写真展
展示は写真と、これも数年前に作り始めて1年前くらいにやっと完成してどこかで見せたいと思っていた"LET GO"というビデオ作品も映します。
時間があったらぜひ 5gallerys' 見に来てみてください。😀
This Weekend! I am participating! 5gallerys' will start.
I will show some photographs and a video.
『5 gallery's』カメラ女子5名による写真展
開催日| 2017年 6月17日(土)、18日(日)
時間 | 10:00-15:00
場所 | 麗潤館2F 茨城県久慈郡大子町大子705




Saturday, May 20, 2017

6月に参加する写真展です。6/17,18,24,15 Upcoming Photgraphy Exhibition


開催日| 2017年 6月17日(土)、18日(日)
時間 | 10:00-15:00
場所 | 麗潤館2F 茨城県久慈郡大子町大子705
お問い合わせ| NPO法人 まちの研究室


My upcoming Exhibition will be held on June 17, 18, 24, 25 in Daigo, Ibaraki JAPAN. I will be exhibiting with the theme I have been working as titled "EXIT",
with some new photos and a video.
Daigo, Ibaraki is a beautiful town with a river, mountains and famous Fukuroda falls.
I am looking forward to seeing you there!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

5/20,21 &28 東京とLAのZine のイベントに出展します。

"Postcardfrom Somewhere"です。

東京目黒区で開催のMount Zine 13にて5月20,21日、その後5月28日のアメリカのLAで開催されるL.A. ZINE FEST 2017に出展します! 5月20日は17:00からオープニングレセプションがあり、カーリーと私も会場にいますので、ぜひ会いに来てください☆

the first ZINE Carly and I created as CARMI  will be at ZINE Festivals inTokyo and L.A.!
May20,21 at Mount ZONE 13in Meguro, Tokyo. 20th 5:00om~ opening reception.
May28 at L.A. ZINE Festival 2017 .
ZINE: ”Postcard from somewhere" (Photography adn Illustration)
After these events, the ZINE will be on sale at Mount Tokyo.

ZINEは、東京とLAのイベントの後は、東京のMount Tokyoにて半年間販売されます。

Monday, March 6, 2017

写真展に参加します! I am participating in a photography exhibition

茨城県大子町で、古い建物の部屋を5人の写真家が一室づつギャラリーとして作品を展開します。 先日、他の参加者の方たちと顔合わせして会場を下見しました!大子町は歴史のある自然豊かな観光地で、個人的な思い出もあるので、大子で作品展示できるの楽しみです。詳細をまたおしらせします!

I am participating in a group photo exhibition! 「5 gallerys 」in Daigo, Ibaraki, Japan. 5 photographers will be exhibiting their work using each 5 rooms of an old building . I am very excited to participate. I will post details later!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

ZINE を制作しました!近日発売 We created a ZINE! coming soon

グラフィックデザイナーのカーリーと私で、写真とイラストのZINE(小さなアート本)を作るチームを始めました。 初めて作った1冊は2人の好きな花と、女の子と水がモチーフになっていて小さなストーリーがあります。もうすぐ完成、販売します。ZINEフェアに出展予定。今ホームページも作成中で、また詳細をのせますので、ぜひチェックしてみてください!
Graphic Designer Carly and I just started a team to create ZINE with our Photography and Illustration. Our first book is published soon! the motif on this book are Flowers, girl, and water...with a little story. we will be on some bookfairs.
We are creating a homepage..coming soon.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

New Project! Making Zines of Photography and Illustration 新プロジェクト⭐︎ 写真とイラストのZINE制作中

詳細は追って 載せていきます。

I started a new project with my graphic designer friend, Carly.
We are making a little art book (ZINE) with my photography and Carly's Ilustrarions.
the photos below are from the back stage shots from the photoshooting at the beach.

I will be posting the updates on the project !

 checking the outfit



Tuesday, January 3, 2017

ホロルの森の映画祭 --- Hororu Movie Festival 2016



 町のキャンプ場を会場に、手作りしたスクリーンを2つ設置しました。夜、焚き火やランタン、月あかりなどの中、暖かいスープなどを食べながら、訪れた150人以上の方たちが、雰囲気を楽しみながら映画を鑑賞しました。たくさんの方々に協力いただき、無事開催できました。 映画館のない町で、皆さんが集まって外で映画を見る、秋の良い思い出になっていたらいいなと思います。


I created a short video documenting the outdoor movie viewing event that was organized by 5 girls working for revitalizing the community of a small town in Ibaraki, Japan. (I am one of the 5!)

Sunday, August 7, 2016

しろさとまちなか映画館  Shirosato Machinaka Cinema







I am currently participating in "community building" in a small town in Ibaraki, Japan.
I have planned and created this short movie, portraying the scenery, people, and the  5 girls that have moved into this town from city area.

this video was screened as an opening movie at the "Shirosato Machinaka Cinema", which is organized by this 5 girls that now work to promote this town's revitalization from the new comers' point of view.
I am captivated by the beauty of the nature and the history of the area , and the cozy feeling and the connections of small town people, even though the town also faces the depopulation and decline of traditional culture.

this theater project is set to make town residents have some opportunity to enjoy viewing movies, because there is no movie theater in this town now.
it was the first time to have this event and an Animation movie which can be enjoyed by little kids and the family were screened as main movie on this day.

 there were many families come and enjoyed watching movies, talking to other people, enjoying a summer day.

I hope this event will go on to give people have good time and develop into something more than just watching movies.
this event will be held throughout this year, and my short video will be screened in August, too.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Amber Eyes x Mayumi Suzuki

ニュージーランド出身、東京在住のグラフィックデザイナーで友人の、Carly Hitchcockが作るハンドメイドアクセサリー、”Amber Eyes"のための写真を3月に東京で撮影しました。
Amber Eyes のblogや Instagramなどにその写真が掲載されています。

また、4月30日に東京ビッグサイトで開催されたミンネのハンドメイドマーケットにAmber Eyesも出展し、そこで今回撮影した写真のポストカードも販売してくれました。

 Amber Eyesはカーリーが自然に触発されて作った、羽や天然石などをモチーフにしたアクセサリーシリーズで、私も自然が好きなので彼女の感性に共感できて、今回の撮影はとても楽しく進みました!カーリーは東京生活についてのブログも書いています。外国人からみた東京の日々が、面白いです。

 In March, I shot the image photos for the handmade accessories "Amber Eyes", created by Carly Hitchcock, a Graphic designer and my friend from New Zealand, living in Tokyo. 
The photos are on Amber Eyes' blog, online shop, and Instagram...

Amber Eyes participated in a ”Minne Handmade Market ”at Tokyo Big Sight on April 30th.
As well as Her accessories, she put the postcards of the Image photos we did at the market.
I was at the event too, and some people bought the postcards in my presence, I was very happy.

Amber Eyes is an accessory line inspired by Nature and her love of exploration, that is surely connected with what I am trying to do with my photography. So the photoshooting went really fun.

Carly also writes a interesting blog about her life in Tokyo. 

on Amber Eyes Blog ブログ:

Amber Eyes Instagram インスタグラム:

撮影した写真のポストカードがAmber EyesのショップサイトEtsyで販売されています。

The Postcards of the  photos are available for purchase at Amber Eyes Shop Website.
She also draw some Flowers. they are beautiful.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

New Work Uploaded to homepage・新しい写真をホームページに掲載しました 

New work 
"Roses where are you going?"
uploaded to my homepage.

新しい写真" Roses where are you going?"をホームページに載せました。

Friday, July 10, 2015

Dark Room Day 暗室の日

Today in the darkroom. with the bunch of test strips.



Sunday, March 8, 2015

hello goodbye

konnichiwa     a     sayonara~
that was something I thought happened.

Saturday, January 10, 2015


editing editing....