Thursday, February 28, 2013

"Boule De Neige" by Robin's Egg Blue

I directed a new music video. It is a collabolation work of their  song and my video.
"Boule De Neige" by Robin's Egg Blue.

NY在住のバンドRobin's Egg Blueの新曲"Boule De Neige"と私の映像のコラボレーションでミュージックビデオを作りました。

Directed, Filmed and edited by Mayumi Suzuki
演出、撮影、編集 by Mayumi Suzuki

Robin's Egg Blue

この曲は、アツミさん(Vo.)が、フランスの白い雪のようなお菓子Boule De Neigeを食べた時においしくてうっとりした気持ちを曲にしたということだったので、キーワードは”雪”だと思って、私には、スノードームのきらきらが浮かんできて、スノードームを見てうっとりした時の気持ちからイメージをふくらませてこのビデオを作りました。この映像は、いわゆるCGというものではなくて、持っているスノードームと手作りのスノードームとスノードームの様なもの、を沢山作って、生撮影しました。なので、ノイズ感があったりするけど、それも味かなと思います。

 As I was told by Atsumi(singer) that the song is about her feeling when she ate the french sweets, "Boule De Neige", she got ecstatic with it's delicious taste...  "Boule De Neige" looks like a snowball, so  I thought the keyword on this song is "Snow", then I recalled the happy feeling when I saw glittering snowdomes.

This video is not a computer drawings, but I hand-made some snowdomes and some snowdome-like thing and shot with my video camera. so there are some noise in the video but I think I rather like it.

I thought the lyric on this song is very simple and about the precious little feeling in daily life.

As I edit the video, it reminded me of a pen I had when I was little, a pen that contains water and some glitter in it. I loved looking at it. I realized that I was unconsicously recalling and visualizing my feeling when I looked at the glittering pen, not only awakens the memory..

Monday, February 25, 2013

March (diary)


わからないことは どうやったらわかるんだろう ?

気づいていくことと 気づかないでいることは

どっちがしあわせなのだろう ?

それでも   しりたいのかな

泣いてしまっても ?

March  is  coming,    my favorite

how do I know something I don't know   ?

which is happier,   becoming aware of it       or          unaware of it    ?

do I still     want to know

 if it will make me cry     ?

Monday, February 11, 2013

hidden room one afternoon (Diary)


here today

one afternoon

              back here

it's quiet


it's good


like I'm with myself again

and I thank...

to let me



shot with my mobile phone

2013 Mayumi Suzuki. All rights Reserved.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

ミュージシャン池田綾子さんホームページ、CDアルバムジャケット写真 / Photographs on Ikeda Ayako homepage and her new CD album artwork


I photographed singer Ayako Ikeda, and the pictures are on her new 2012 website and her new CD album artwork.
The website is beautifully designed!