Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sky's fallin' 空が落ちるとき

©2010 Mayumi Suzuki. All Rights Reserved.

around in 2010, I often had a image of fallin' in the sky, ( now I don't), so I took some photos like this..on this day the sky was too beautiful to be real...This photo is actually from back in 2010, from a school project to combine Location and strobe lighting.and the model is not someone I knew.( I usually shoot someone I know for my own work).
I just thought it's funny that this could look like it's shot in a studio with a Sky patterned back paper, or Photoshopped or something. but it's actually a Real sky at the East River side in NY city.   on this shooting I used digital camera, not my old film camera that I use for my personal work, so the quality of the picture looks different from my main style, I think..


Thursday, May 9, 2013


thought about flowers again.
I saw petals of Camellia fallen on the ground. I picked them up and saw that it is like, water-color like pink brushed  on whitest white...I just can't stop wondering, who did this delicate design job?!..well...Nature...ok.......

taken with my phone-camera