Saturday, October 27, 2012

Private Beach (2009)

これは私の初めて作ったビデオ作品で、NYで学生だった2009年制作です。"Private Beach"というタイトルは、私有の砂浜のことではなくて、自分の心の中にある自分だけの場所という意味でつけました。私は内向的なところがあるので、皆で共有する、社会的な世界や価値観だけでなく、皆の話の話題にはならないけど自分にとっては価値のある事を世界にみつけたり、空想をめぐらしたり自分だけの世界をもつことが大事で、それに助けられたりしあわせを感じたりします。でも誰でもそういう自分だけの大事な世界を持っているのではないかなと思うし、私は映像を作る事によって自分のその世界の一部をちょっとだけ皆と共有してみたいという思いもあってこの映像をつくりました。映像には、夏休みで日本に帰っている時に、小さいときからずっとよく滞在している、大好きな自然の多い場所で撮影したシーンが沢山でてきます。それから、雨。私は雨の音もにおいも感触も好きで、雨が世界と自分の間に入って守ってくれているような気がして安心します。
This is the very first video piece  I made in 2009 while I was a student at an art school.
 The title is not about the  private property I own but a private place in my mind.
As I am introverted, it is important for me to find something valuable in the world from my own point of view, as well as something that is socially important or common. Also it's important for me to keep my imaginary world, and it helps me go through the daily life and feel happy.
I think everyone has their own world that they keep to themselves, and I wanted to share mine a little bit by creating this video.
For this video, while I was back in Japan for the summer break,  I filmed many footage from my favorite place with beautiful nature, where I often stay since I was a baby. And, Rain. I love the sound and smell and the touch of rain and I feel as if rain is like a shelter from the world and protecting me.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New music video shooting for Robin's Egg Blue ミュージックビデオ撮影

先日、今NYから来日ツアー中の日本人バンドRobin's Egg Blueの新曲のミュージックビデオのため、ギターとボーカルの二人を撮影しました。都内某スタジオにて。このビデオはロビンの曲と私の映像のコラボ的な感じの作品になる予定です。映像は私の世界全開にやらせていただきました。今編集作業に入ってます。近日公開です。

I just finished shooting a music video at a studio in Tokyo for the Japanese band Robin's Egg Blue, who are live touring Japan. They are currently based in NY so this is like their homecoming tour.  This video is more of like a collaboration of my video and their music, and I am doing all art-direction and storyboarding and everything on this video. So I am very happy to be able to fully express my artistic view with this song. this song is really good so I am also very pleased to work with them. I have started editing. Looking forward to showing this to the world soon.

robin's egg blue

Mayumi Suzuki

my new gear 私の新カメラ☆

I bought a camera! it's an used-pentax middle format. I know these days cameras are almost all digital but I still definitely LOVE films for photography. I've been using 35mm Nikon camera for more than 10 years but I think I want to welcome this as my new regular camera. Yay.  As a matter of fact it's been a long time since I started Photography and at the time I started, Film was still very major and I am so used to using them. I want to talk more about my Photography history  later in this blog. so keep checking. And I'm so looking forward to taking pictures and share my feelings with this camera, hopefully long long time☆