Thursday, November 21, 2013

12月7日(土) 酒蔵ロード劇場  Dec.7 Sakagura Road Theater


I will be projecting my new video work at an event "Sakagura Road Theater". in Kochi, Japan. Some other wonderful artists and local kids will project their art works on the white walls of old Sakagura (Sake brewery buildings). here is the poster for the event. I am so excited. I hope to see you there if you can possibly make it to come all the way to Kochi!!

Monday, November 18, 2013

The Suzan in Tokyo

NY  から日本に凱旋帰国中のバンドThe Suzanに東京で一年ぶりに再会 彼女達の新曲のミュージックビデオの撮影に参加してきました。都内某河川敷ロケ
I met The Suzan (the Japanese girls' band based in New York) again here in Tokyo,  and I joined the music video shooting for their new song.  A lot of things were going on. Can't wait to see the finished video!!

今回のDirector  Yu Nakajima氏