Sunday, December 25, 2011

From New Project

Some photos from the new series  I have been working on, titled "EXIT". 

this series is about one emotion and an attempt to escape from it. I would like to talk more about this project when it's complete. 



copyright 2012 Mayumi Suzuki. All rights reserved.

Friday, December 9, 2011

New music Video

right now I am editing a music video I shot. Yes. it's jazz.  this video is for the New York-based Japanese  bass player  The Archi-Tet. looking forward to showing it soon.

今は ニューヨークのジャズベースプレイヤー、The Arch-Tetのために撮影したミュージックビデオの編集中です。撮影は主にブルックリンで行いました。。。

Friday, November 18, 2011


Recently I have re-organized my old works and added to my website as a series called "rainland".
these are mostly photographed while I went to school in Seattle from 1999~2001. some are taken after I got back to japan and around 2001~2002. they are mostly shot with B&W film with my lovely Nikon, or with the Canon I brought from Japan before I lost it..
I am still looking through huge rolls of my photos from the past so I might add some more to this project later..


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

on Swimming



Sunday, September 25, 2011

Back in Japan from New York

I just finished 3years of staying in New York and got back in my home,Japan.
I will be based in Tokyo at least for a while. I am very excited about the new life here as I have a lot that I brought within me from my experiences in New York. Sure my way of seeing life and life in Japan would be different from three years ago. these years, I have been very interested in  the culture and history of my own country, old and new, and looking forward to be inspired,discover and understand more.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Music Video "Big Flower" by Robin's Egg Blue

"Big Flower" Robin's Egg Blue from Mayumi Suzuki on Vimeo.

Directed, Videographed and edited by Mayumi Suzuki

演出、撮影、編集 by Mayumi Suzuki

the band:

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Suzan

Photo shooting with The Suzan in New York  2009.

NYで活動中のバンド The Suzanを撮影しました。2009年 NYにて

I met The Suzan back in 2009, my second year as an international student at an Art school in NY. I was temporarily staying at the dorm type hotel in Brooklyn, until I find my new apartment. Then RIE and SAORI came in and we talked. they told me they are in a band and they got here to sign with a label in NY. I told them I was a photographer and we did a photo shooting. since then I hang out with them and they are so fun . 

© 2009  Mayumi Suzuki. All RIghts Reserved.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Music Video

I directed a music video. I worked with Robin's egg blue, a Japanese band based in New York.
It's a fun and challenging experience collaborating with other artists. now the video is on post production,
It will be posted in August!! I think this one will come out earlier than my personal video project,"let go and sleep", which I mentioned in my last post on this blog.

It's so hot everyday in New York but right now it's a thunderstorm.
rain is my favorite weather as well as beautiful sunny day!

ミュージックビデオの演出をしました。ニューヨークで活動中のRobin's egg blueというバンドの曲です。今、編集作業中です。他のアーティストとコラボレーションするのは、色々楽しくもあり、いろんな意味で今までの自分だけのやり方から出て行く挑戦でもありますね。8月中に完成予定です。前のポストで"let go and sleep"という作品を編集中といいましたが、このミュージックビデオの方が先に仕上がりそうです。


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Video project

 I have been working on a new video project. The tentative title for this is "let go and sleep". The main theme on this project is about letting go of the childhood memories to move on. The movie goes along with a boy and a girl who grew up together, who shares a little secret from the childhood. They realize that to move on with their lives, they need to let go of it. I first started out this project as still photography last summer. After several photo shooting session, I looked at the photographs and thought, these should better be video,since my concept on this project was rather narrative. Then I developed the storyboard and started shooting as a video project. I'm done with most of the shooting and getting into post-production. I am looking forward to finishing all the production and showing this soon.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011