Sunday, August 7, 2016

しろさとまちなか映画館  Shirosato Machinaka Cinema







I am currently participating in "community building" in a small town in Ibaraki, Japan.
I have planned and created this short movie, portraying the scenery, people, and the  5 girls that have moved into this town from city area.

this video was screened as an opening movie at the "Shirosato Machinaka Cinema", which is organized by this 5 girls that now work to promote this town's revitalization from the new comers' point of view.
I am captivated by the beauty of the nature and the history of the area , and the cozy feeling and the connections of small town people, even though the town also faces the depopulation and decline of traditional culture.

this theater project is set to make town residents have some opportunity to enjoy viewing movies, because there is no movie theater in this town now.
it was the first time to have this event and an Animation movie which can be enjoyed by little kids and the family were screened as main movie on this day.

 there were many families come and enjoyed watching movies, talking to other people, enjoying a summer day.

I hope this event will go on to give people have good time and develop into something more than just watching movies.
this event will be held throughout this year, and my short video will be screened in August, too.