Wednesday, August 13, 2014

summer, summer and mid summer 

........this blog post  doesn't really make  sense.....I am writing this because though I decided to update this blog at least once a month and it's already   more than   a month and feel like writing some random thoughts anyway.
it's summer time,summer time and the middle of the summer.            
 hot beyond my comprehension here in Tokyo everyday.                
 it's just hard to walk around outside and
I have been thinking how I ,
could use this blog space as a tool to communicate with people without
seeing faces.
because I can't see their faces if I write here,I won't see the faces who's reading this anyway.
surely there are
things that are much easier to say, if you are not
face to face with somebody and,
writing online can in a way make you feel like it's secure saying things honestly and without restriction.
And I actually have a lot and lot and lot of things just crawling in my mind that I want to output and ask someone, "what about you?"

so I kind of thought, I could make this blog to be a place as I write every bit details of things that come up on my mind, or that happening in my life and with pictures , write poems this blog thing could make itself like a WORK of myself.........and this is like a easiest way.
..... then I decided not to do that and do keep creating works through...mainly photography and videos........................ .
I am meaning, I have been making my work, and I let it take time as long as it takes, not like in a hurry and then I am gonna have to think about how I will output the works done.
and I do some commissioned work if somebody asked me to.
I hope I will feel like to update this blog more often my dear whoever reading this?

                                                                     screenshot from "birthday"


here you go I am the exit

                                                                    screenshot from "birthday"