Sunday, August 20, 2017

participating in an Art Exhibition 9/15~18 at an old Japanese house 古民家でのアート展に参加します!


I am participating in an art exhibition at a old japanese house that was built in mid-Edo period!

この機会に、地域の方はもちろん、歴史に興味のある方、アートに興味のある方、色々な方に島家にきていただけたら、昔から続いてきた生活やコミュニティーのあり方を再発見したり、これからの地域のあり方について考えるきっかけになるのではないかな?と思っています。(English follows after flyer images)

城里町地域おこし協力隊のホームページにも詳細が載っていますので、ぜひ見てみてください。Details on the following website :

I will be participating in the art exhibition held  from September 15th to 18th. The venue is  "Shima's house島家住宅", an old private house that is an nationally registered cultural heritage built in the Edo period,  in ShirosatoTown, Ibaraki Prefecture.

I will have photos and video installation displayed in a room that is still as it was as in the edo period.
In the room next to me, Miyuki Machida living in the town will display her ceramic works.
Also, in the evening, around the house will be lighted up fantastically with a candle light art by Yume Akari who is based in neighbor Naka city, along with  the umbrella silhouette art by Ms. Chinatsu Endo.

This residence stayed as it was since the last people living here, until lately  people of the town office started to clean and revitalize.

This time, the Art exhibition themed  "Memory" will be held as the first project to use the house as an exhibition place.

By exhibiting artworks in the building that watched the history of the town,
we are expecting people come visit  from inside and outside the region,
and communication and connection will be born, and the  creation of new regional culture would happen.

Currently, the house is not in the hands of rennovation, and it remains as it originally was , so I am honored to be able to exhibit while feeling the flow of time in the precious space !